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construction workerJim Higgins devotes a large section of his practice to the pursuit of Workers Compensation claims for injured workers. He began his career defending workers compensation and injury cases for businesses and insurance companies. Now he only represents employees. He also handles serious injury and accident cases. He has obtained millions of dollars in settlement and jury verdicts. Mr. Higgins is a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, which is an organization limited to attorneys who have won million and multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements for their clients.

What should I do if injured at work?

REPORT THE INJURY IMMEDIATELY: When injured at work, the employee should report the injury in writing to the employer immediately, but no later than thirty (30) days after the injury. In Tennessee, a form known as the "First Report of Work Injury" should be completed.

OBTAIN MEDICAL TREATMENT: The employee should be given a choice of three (3) physicians not associated together in practice. The list or panel of these physicians should be in or near the employee's community of residence. You have the privilege of choosing one physician from the list of three. The employee is then required to accept treatment from the chosen physician and should not see any other physician unless the chosen physician makes a referral.

PAYMENT WHILE OFF WORK: If a physician takes you off work for more than seven days, you may be entitled to temporary disability payments. An injured employee is not paid for the first seven (7) days of disability. On the eighth (8th) day, the employee is eligible for one day's benefits, on the ninth (9th) day, the employee is eligible for two days' benefits, and so on. If the employee continues to lose time from work through the fourteenth (14th) day, the seven-day waiting period will be picked up and the employee will be due benefits for all fourteen (14) days.

OBTAIN REPRESENTATION: Contact an attorney who knows the Workers Compensation Law. The Tennessee work comp law is complex and confusing. Unless you have an attorney who knows the laws, you will be left in the dark as to whether you are being treated fairly. Do not wait; there are deadlines that must be met or you may lose your right to bring a claim.